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The Case for Doctoral Reform

August 19, 2016 – Why it’s time for business schools to radically reconsider their PhD model. THE BBA AND MBA ARE remarkably different degrees than they were just a few decades ago. The reason? Business schools have made a deliberate and collective effort to revise core curricula, set learning objectives, and update their technology and pedagogy to suit the modern business climate.

Primary Difference between a Doctorate in Business Administration & a Business PhD

2016 – In general, as in other disciplines, a doctorate degree is a research-oriented degree, with a focus on developing advanced theoretical or practical research skills in a particular area. The PhD is the most common doctorate degree for those who wish to pursue academic careers. However, the degree is also used as for advanced consulting, research, or business/public administration careers.

Amidst M.B.A. Inflation, Executives Recommend Business Doctorates

February 17, 2012 – Some say that business-related Ph.D.’s and D.B.A.’s provide the exclusivity M.B.A.’s once offered.Once an exclusive credential that signified C-suite executive material, M.B.A.’s are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, which may dilute their quality, according to some executives.